Day in the Life

"The man who has mastered the ability to make anyone laugh, cry, think or feel anything he wants!"

Gerald Gillock, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

Anyone can hold a camera and document a moment in time, but as any good filmmaker will tell you, editing can make or break a good film. Most videos capture visual images but rarely capture the essence, mood or emotion of a situation. Emotion is an ingredient that is essential in court cases dealing with hardships or losses. While witnesses, professional experts, and technical experts are all important in conveying facts and details, a video can put a face on a person not yet seen in a case.

“His ability to capture emotion makes his videos worth gold to my cases!” 

Nia Killebrew, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

Day in the Life Videos are produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Phil Valentine. His experience and expertise in bringing visual and emotional elements to true-life experiences prove invaluable in his films and documentaries, and is essential in his Day in the Life Videos for the legal profession. He takes what would be a typical video and makes it into a profoundly moving depiction that truly represents your client. This is what makes Phil's Day in the Life Videos one of the most sought after video services available. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video will speak volumes!

When Gerald Gillock needed a day in the life video he didn’t look for a videographer. He looked for a documentary filmmaker.

“I needed someone who could convey the emotional hardships that a client experiences that evidence and expert witnesses couldn’t portray.  I believe his videos have contributed to increased settlement offers by millions of dollars. A talent like his is well worth the investment.” 

Gerald Gillock

Award winning documentary filmmaker Phil Valentine can make you laugh, cry, think or feel by using the tools he has honed through his decades of experience as a filmmaker.

“I hope that a jury NEVER gets to see my videos. If I can make the defense ‘feel’ what the victims are going through due to their client’s negligence then maybe they’ll offer better restitution.

In other words, I try to make the best film a jury NEVER sees!”   Phil Valentine

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