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Meet Phil Valentine

"I don't know anyone who teaches what Phil teaches, and I don't know anyone who doesn't need to know it!"

Worldwide Entrepreneurial Guru, Beejal Parmar

"It doesn't matter how much truth comes out of your mouth. If no one believes you, you're wasting your breath."

Phil Valentine

Phil is a multi-award winning actor, writer, producer, author and teacher for over 35 years. His career on all sides of the entertainment, legal, and corporate fence has made him one of the most sought after performance coaches in the business!

Writing and Directing

Phil has won over a dozen film awards for his documentaries Who will Stand and Women of War. The highly acclaimed Who will Stand addresses the issue of combat PTSD, and Women of War, also highly acclaimed, addresses the issue of military sexual assault.

Phil began writing and directing live shows worldwide for Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Ice Capades, Six Flags, Madame Tussauds, and Spaceworld-Japan. He became a Casting Director in Las Vegas, casting movies and national commercials for companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (“What Happens Here Stays Here” campaign), Ultimate Fighting Championships, GoDaddy, and many others. 

Phil wrote the Fox Family Channel's Original movie Ice Angel, which led to writing ice shows for Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades (Cinderella on Ice) and Nancy Kerrigan Productions (Halloween on Ice), in addition to writing the sitcom pilot Gags and the independent film Siren.  

Performance Coaching

 Phil taught competitive figure skaters, who would “choke” during competition, how to overcome their nervousness; a technique he developed for himself as an actor. This led to his original performance seminars geared to people outside the entertainment industry.

His seminars are believed to be among the most intensive and original techniques on performing today. They have been used by corporations to train lawyers, salesmen, entrepreneurs, and public speakers nationwide.

Marketing guru Beejal Parmar, after seeing Phil Valentine at a seminar, said...

“I don’t know anyone who teaches what Phil teaches, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need to know it!”