One or Two Day Courses

"A trial at the end of the day is a popularity contest.  And the most popular kid wins."

Marcia Clark lead prosecutor, O.J. Simpson trial

  • It's not that one lawyer is lying and the other is telling the truth. They're both telling their side of the same story. It's the jury's job to determine which version they believe to be MOST true.
  • What does that mean? It means BELIEVABILITY is EVERYTHING!
  • Phil Valentine doesn’t teach law. He teaches BELIEVABILITY. The ability to convince, sway, and inspire a person’s thoughts and in turn influence their decisions.

Each of our One and Two Day Courses consists of a full day of interactive, information-sharing content, with all course materials provided to you on the day of the course.  Course materials will also be sent electronically to all participants.

Our One Day Course can accommodate an unlimited number of attendees.  Our Two Day Course can accommodate a maximum of 100 attendees, due to the hands-on nature of this course.  Our courses can be held in the comfort of your offices, or at an off-site location (at no extra cost) to accommodate larger groups.

After the training, we will follow up with you to answer any questions that you may have.  We offer repeat business discounts for additional training courses, team building programs, or Day in the Life Videos.

It's not deception - It's inspiration

It's not a lesson in manipulation - but influence

The course isn’t based on lying - It’s based on truth