"Phil Valentine is one of the most sought after team building facilitators in the country!"  

Page Parkes, President - Page Parkes International

In today’s corporate environment, and with the internet giving us global access to job opportunities, it is more difficult than ever for firms to retain quality and talented employees. The three top reasons employees stay at any one job is:

  1. I make enough money
  2. I enjoy what I do
  3. I like the people I work with

With today’s technology people spend less time in face-to-face interaction, making number three more difficult for companies to retain employees.

That’s why Team Building has exploded! Team Building is a proven way to reduce turnover and reduce the cost of constantly hiring and training new employees, and… it’s just plain fun!

Well... we’ve taken that premise further and made it even better. From the hilarious to the intriguing, we’ve created activities that are tailored specifically to the legal community.  

Family Court Feud (Up to 50 people)

family court feud

Similar to the popular game show Family Feud, teams compete to answer questions and win points. Questions can be customized for an even more engaging experience!


It’s All An Illusion (Up to 120 people)

Developed by Master Magician Larry Wilson, each team learns an impressive illusion that they will perform for the group. From building and decorating props to selecting their magician's assistant they will mystify their audience with the illusion that many magicians have kept secret for generations. (After signing an oath of secrecy of course!)

This team building event is also a great way to show how influence, manipulation and deception are used to convince an audience that they can’t always believe what they see. What a great lesson when “the other side” of a court case is trying to use smoke and mirrors to trick a jury!

Larry Wilson Team Building

Mystery Loves Company (50 or more)

celebrity client murder case

Before a defendant ever makes it to court, a team of detectives must first try and solve the case by collecting evidence and interviewing suspects and witnesses. This becomes more difficult if the accused and the suspects and witnesses are famous!

What crime could not be hilariously solved with the wacky antics of celebrities never before seen together. This celebrity murder mystery dinner uses comedy to entertain, while teams work together collecting evidence and interviewing some of the most famous and the infamous characters.  Just know that your coworkers will not only laugh, they will have their wits tested and actually learn something about each other as they attempt to solve the crime of their lives!

CSI SmartHunts® (20 or more)

CSI SmartHunts® are fun, challenging, hi-tech scavenger hunts delivered on iPads.  The SmartHunts® app uses text, audio, video, and GPS tracking to produce the coolest hunts ever! Teams use supplied Apple devices to find locations, solve clues, answer trivia, search for items, perform tasks, complete challenges, and photograph activities during the hunt.

At the return from the hunt, one team will play the prosecution, another will play the defense, and the other teams will be jury members.  After delivering brief opening statements, questioning interesting witnesses and fun suspects, and delivering dramatic closing statements, the jury will then decide which side has made their case.

CSI, Crime Scene Investigation word cloud concept on black background.

We can add a charitable element to any of our events.  Just let one of our team members know your preference.

We also offer repeat business discounts for purchasing additional team building programs, our training courses or Day in the Life Videos.